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Rocky River

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Ruffing is happy to announce a new school publication titled the Ruffing Alumni Bulletin.  This publication is designed to update you on your alma mater. If you have not received a copy, please complete our questionnaire so that we know where to reach you and what to include in the alumni directory.

Another new resource available to our alumni is the Ruffing Parent’s Digest, which is a new e-publication that provides a variety of resources related to both Montessori education and parenting. It includes sources from books, journals, websites, newspapers, previous issues of Ruff Notes, and, most importantly, interviews with some of Ruffing’s alumni. If you would like to start receiving a copy via e-mail, please contact Lori Coticchia at Also, please let us know of any news you might like to share with fellow alumni, or if you might like to be interviewed for a future issue about the legacy of Montessori education in your life.

Due to both the expense and time involved to prepare a paper mailing, we will be sending most alumni correspondence via e-mail. If you have not received any e-mails, it means we do not have your current e-mail address. This also pertains to the alumni parents who would like to continue to receive Ruffing information. Please send all e-mail changes to