Ruffing Montessori
Rocky River

Monika’s Primary Supply List

Monika Popik P1-P3

  • KEEP IT SIMPLE: We want to make it easy for children to store items in their cubbies. Please be thoughtful about your purchases and only send practical items to school. When children arrive in the mornings, they enter the classroom and immediately organize their belongings in the cubby area. (Hang up their coats and backpacks, change their shoes…) By limiting the items that come to school, it makes it easier for the children to keep their cubbies tidy.


For all students:

  • Change of clothing – 2 complete sets: socks, undergarments, seasonal pants and top
  • Plastic shoe box with lid. (6 quart size). This bin will be used to store extra sets of clothes.
  • Indoor Athletic Shoes that also can be used for gym class – Indoor shoes should be the correct size, snug but comfortable and will be stored at school. ( NO sandals, flip flops, backless shoes, or light-up shoes)
  • School Bag/Backpack – No toys, keychains, accessories.
  • Plastic 2 pocket folder: This folder will be stored in their school bag.
  • WEATHER APPROPRIATE CLOTHING – When practicing Grace and Courtesy lessons, singing songs, reciting poems or listening to stories, we would like to take the children outside in any kind of weather…within reason. Please send sun hats/baseball hats for sunny days and rain boots/mud boots, rain jackets for rainy days. For cold and snowy days please send snow pants, boots, mittens, and hats.
  • PICTURE OF YOUR CHILD: The photo will be taped to your child’s cubby.
  • No water bottles for the morning work cycle with younger students. We have filtered water and clean cups. Children will practice Grace and Courtesy lessons on how to get a drink of water during the school day.
  • Ticonderoga #2 pencils…One package of 12 pencils to share with the classroom community.


For Lunchbuncher/Kindergarten students:

  • Bento box or plastic/metal lunch box – A lunch box with different compartments that is easy to clean and disinfect. NO CLOTH/FABRIC lunch bags. (You know how gross they get:) A plastic or metal bento box can easily be cleaned and disinfected at home in the dishwasher. We will eat outside, whenever possible.
  • Pencil pouch with art supplies:
    • 24 pack of crayons,
    • watercolor set (8 count),
    • scissors,
    • 24 count Crayola colored pencils
  • Clip board: Since we will be spending more time outdoors, a clipboard will be helpful.
  • Water bottle for outdoor lunch and recess: Child-sized, spill proof “friendly”. Encourage your child to practice using a water bottle during the summer months. Practice opening and closing and using good manners while drinking water.