Ruffing Montessori
Rocky River

About Ruffing

Ruffing Montessori School is dedicated to providing a quality Montessori education for children ages three through fourteen. Our approach to children is based on the teachings of Dr. Maria Montessori. She recognized that the only valid impulse to learning is the self-motivation of the child. Children free to discover move themselves toward learning. The teacher prepares the environment, functions as the reference person, and offers the child stimulation. It is the children, however, who are motivated through the work itself to persist in chosen tasks and thereby realize their hidden potential.

In a Montessori school, children’s joy of learning is accompanied by hard work, self-discipline, and integrity. We identify opportunities which focus on the needs of children at each stage of development. We also provide a safe environment where children can experience discovery, community, affirmation, love, and support.

At Ruffing, we help our students gain knowledge, but more importantly we help them believe in themselves, believe in others, and love learning. We do not think of our role as teachers as just being about subject matter but also about getting to know each of our students, how they learn, what they want to learn, and how they feel.

Our History

Ruffing Montessori School dedicates itself to providing a quality Montessori education for children ages three through fourteen.  The school, founded in 1959, has been a pioneer in the Montessori Method of education. Ruffing was the second Montessori school in the United States at both the primary and elementary levels.  In 1977, Ruffing became the first Montessori school in Ohio to be accredited by the state to operate through eighth grade.

Our School

Ruffing’s teaching faculty consists exclusively of professional Montessori Directresses or Directors holding Association Montessori Internationale teaching certificates in addition to their college degrees.  In addition to a Directress/Director, each classroom has an assistant.  Other school support staff include a reading specialist, speech therapist, physical education teachers, a Spanish teacher and various tutors.

DSC_7799Ruffing provides an eight level Spanish curriculum that encourages language proficiency beginning in the first grade. The culturally rich program not only develops immediate language skills in all areas of communication (comprehension, speech, reading and writing) but also prepares students for life in a global society by making them culturally competent individuals.  Upon successful completion of the seventh and eighth grade courses, the students will have met the first year requirements of a high school Spanish course.

Ruffing is proud to offer, for an additional fee, optional participation in the various school bands. Each morning before the school day begins, children can choose from recorder, beginning band, or advanced band. Students may also be selected to participate in Ruffing’s jazz band.  The school bands perform two concerts each year and also at the eighth grade graduation in June.

While Ruffing receives most of its support from tuition revenues, these revenues alone are not enough to support the entire operation of the school.  Fundraising activities make it possible to operate on a sound financial basis, to maintain a moderate tuition level, to provide quality Montessori prepared environments, and to attract and hold excellent teaching talent. Because Ruffing is mindful of the responsibilities placed on parents, yearly fundraising events are limited to an auction and an Annual Fund.

The family and parental participation is a key component to a Montessori education.  With that in mind, Ruffing plans many family activities throughout the year. Past activities have included Halloween parties, hayrides, ice skating parties, baseball games and September Back-to-School picnics. In addition, there are countless opportunities for a parent to become involved, should they choose to do so. The most important opportunity is a yearly parent-led book fair.DSC_7585

Ruffing offers optional Roman Catholic religion classes. The aim of the Ruffing Religion Program is to provide a class outside the main classroom, within school hours, which will assist parents in promoting the Christian development of their children.  Religion Program participants plan a monthly mass celebrated at 8:00am by area priests.