Ruffing Montessori
Rocky River

Amy and Maddie’s Lower Elementary Supply List

Amy and Maddie Grades 1-3

**Be sure to also check the Spanish and Gym supply lists.

Please label all of the following materials with student’s first and last name:

  • 2 two-pocket folders (one to keep in backpack and one to keep in cubby)
  • 1 wire-bound 9×12 inch (or similar sized) sketch book.
  • Small cloth bag (with two handles or drawstrings) with the following inside:
    • Complete set of change clothes including socks and underwear
    • 1 plastic grocery store bag (in case soiled clothes need to be taken home)
    • 1 pair of gym shoes that will only be worn indoors (should be regular tie or Velcro fastened rubber-soled athletic shoes)
  • Small water bottle (with tight seal that will not leak and that child can use independently)


For 1st graders:

  • 3 PRIMARY composition books


For 2nd graders:

  • Primary Journal Notebook
  • 3 wide-ruled composition books (not wire bound)


For 3rd graders:

  • Junior Composition Book
  • 3 wide-ruled composition books (not wire bound)


The items below will be used for community supplies.  DO NOT LABEL with student’s name.

  • 10 pack (or more) of Crayola colored markers (washable, thick or thin)
  • 8 pack (or more) of sharpened Crayola colored pencils
  • Ticonderoga #2 pencils (24 or more)
  • Small pair of children’s scissors (pointed are fine)
  • 1 pack of white, lined note cards
  • 1 set of water color paints with brush (preferably 12 or more colors)
  • 1 eraser (white hi-polymer block eraser preferred)



  • Please NO backpacks with wheels, as they are difficult to hang from the cubbies and cause a tripping hazard (especially since our cubby room is located in the main entrance/exit way of our classroom). Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!
  • Please refrain from allowing your child to bring “extra” or “fancy” supplies to school. These can cause distractions and disruptions.  Thank you again for your cooperation and understanding!
  • More information in regard to winter weather clothing/sleds for recess will be shared with you later this year.