Ruffing Montessori
Rocky River

Life After Ruffing

Graduates of Ruffing Montessori School are well-prepared for high school, whether private or public. They frequently report to us that Ruffing gave them an excellent foundation for their academic future by providing a rigorous curriculum and by fostering independence, curiosity, self-confidence, time-management skills, social skills, and a love of learning.

Even though Montessori de-emphasizes features of conventional education like testing and competitive grades, Ruffing’s teachers make sure our graduates are well-equipped to transition into any type of educational environment. In fact, many of our graduates are placed directly into various high school honors programs due to their strong academic preparation at Ruffing.

Please see the lists below for examples of where many of our graduates have attended high school and later college.

High Schools Attended by Ruffing Graduates From 2004 to Present

[row] [column sm=”4″] Avon Lake High School
[/column] [column sm=”4″] Holy Name High School
[/column] [column sm=”4″] Philips Exeter Academy
[/column] [column sm=”4″] Bay Village High School
[/column] [column sm=”4″] Lake Ridge Academy
[/column] [column sm=”4″] Rocky River High School
[/column] [column sm=”4″] Calvert Academy
[/column] [column sm=”4″] Lakewood High School
[/column] [column sm=”4″] St. Edward High School
[/column] [column sm=”4″] Elyria Catholic
[/column] [column sm=”4″] Laurel School
[/column] [column sm=”4″] St. Ignatius High School
[/column] [column sm=”4″] Fairview Park High School
[/column] [column sm=”4″] Lutheran West High School
[/column] [column sm=”4″] University School
[/column] [column sm=”4″] Gilmour Academy
[/column] [column sm=”4″] Magnificat High School
[/column] [column sm=”4″] Western Reserve Academy
[/column] [column sm=”4″] Hathaway Brown School
[/column] [column sm=”4″] Montessori High School
[/column] [column sm=”4″] Westlake High School
[/column] [column sm=”4″] Hawken School
[/column] [column sm=”4″] North Ridgeville High School


[column sm=”4″] [/column] [/row]


Colleges Attended by Ruffing Graduates From 2004 to Present

[row] [column sm=”4″] Amherst College
[/column] [column sm=”4″] Kenyon College
[/column] [column sm=”4″] The Ohio State University
[/column] [column sm=”4″] Baldwin Wallace University
[/column] [column sm=”4″] Lafayette College
[/column] [column sm=”4″] The Art Institute of Chicago
[/column] [column sm=”4″] Barnard College at Columbia U
[/column] [column sm=”4″] Loyola University of Chicago
[/column] [column sm=”4″] University of California- Berkley
[/column] [/row] [row] [column sm=”4″] Bellarmine University
[/column] [column sm=”4″] Loyola University of New Orleans
[/column] [column sm=”4″] University of Cincinnati
[/column] [/row] [row] [column sm=”4″] Boston College
[/column] [column sm=”4″] Malone College,  Presidential Scholar
[/column] [column sm=”4″] University of Colorado, Boulder
[/column] [/row] [row] [column sm=”4″] Boston University
[/column] [column sm=”4″] Marietta College
[/column] [column sm=”4″] University of Dayton
[/column] [/row] [row] [column sm=”4″] Case Western Reserve University
[/column] [column sm=”4″] Marquette University
[/column] [column sm=”4″] University of Massachusetts Amherst
[/column] [/row] [row] [column sm=”4″] Cleveland Institute of Art
[/column] [column sm=”4″] Mass. Institute of Technology (MIT)
[/column] [column sm=”4″] University of Miami
[/column] [column sm=”4″] Cleveland State University
[/column] [column sm=”4″] Miami University of Ohio
[/column] [column sm=”4″] University of Michigan
[/column] [column sm=”4″] College of Charleston
[/column] [column sm=”4″] Montclair State University
[/column] [column sm=”4″] University of North Carolina
[/column] [column sm=”4″] Colorado College
[/column] [column sm=”4″] NEO Col Med and Pharm (NEOCOM)
[/column] [column sm=”4″] University of Notre Dame
[/column] [column sm=”4″] Cornell University
[/column] [column sm=”4″] Niagara University
[/column] [column sm=”4″] University of Pennsylvania
[/column] [column sm=”4″] Denison University
[/column] [column sm=”4″] Northwestern University
[/column] [column sm=”4″] University of Pittsburgh
[/column] [column sm=”4″] DePaul University
[/column] [column sm=”4″] Oberlin College
[/column] [column sm=”4″] University of South Carolina
[/column] [column sm=”4″] Duke University
[/column] [column sm=”4″] Occidental College/Cal Tech
[/column] [column sm=”4″] University of Southern California
[/column] [column sm=”4″] Fordham University
[/column] [column sm=”4″] Ohio Dominican University
[/column] [column sm=”4″] University of Toledo
[/column] [column sm=”4″] Furman University
[/column] [column sm=”4″] Ohio University
[/column] [column sm=”4″] University of Virginia
[/column] [/row] [row] [column sm=”4″] Georgetown University
[/column] [column sm=”4″] Purdue University
[/column] [column sm=”4″] University of Wisconsin
[/column] [/row] [row] [column sm=”4″] Grinnell College
[/column] [column sm=”4″] Reed College
[/column] [column sm=”4″] University of Florida
[/column] [column sm=”4″] Hillsdale College
[/column] [column sm=”4″] Rhode Island School of Design
[/column] [column sm=”4″] Villanova University
[/column] [/row] [row] [column sm=”4″] Hiram College
[/column] [column sm=”4″] Rice University
[/column] [column sm=”4″] Wake Forest University
[/column] [/row] [row] [column sm=”4″] Indiana University at Bloomington
[/column] [column sm=”4″] Rochester Institute of Technology
[/column] [column sm=”4″] Wellesley College
[/column] [/row] [row] [column sm=”4″] John Carroll University
[/column] [column sm=”4″] Saint Louis University
[/column] [column sm=”4″] Wittenberg University
[/column] [column sm=”4″] Johns Hopkins University
[/column] [column sm=”4″] Savannah College of Art and Design
[/column] [column sm=”4″] Wooster College
[/column] [/row] [row] [column sm=”4″] Kent State University
[/column] [column sm=”4″] The New York Film Academy
[/column] [column sm=”4″] Xavier University
[/column] [/row]