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The Hot Lunch Program is always looking for volunteers. The Hot Lunch program needs incredible parent volunteers, just like you! One day a week (or you can fill in as needed), you arrive at Ruffing around 11:30 a.m., count, sort and deliver lunches to the classrooms. It takes less than 30 minutes from start to finish! We currently have an opening for Wednesdays and subs. If you are interested in learning more about volunteering for the Hot Lunch Program, please contact Dawn Wisniewski at or 440-864-9493.


Zoup again is offering the 2 sizes 12 ($5) or 16($6) ounces of soup and bread and the turkey wrap sandwich. If it is a gluten free soup, you may choose the gluten free kettle cooked sea salt potato chips as the side in place of bread. If soup is not what you are looking for, monthly a 3”x5” Turkey-Club Wrap (turkey breast, bacon, cheddar cheese and lettuce on a multigrain wrap and ranch on the side) will be offered with kettle cooked sea salt potato chips.

TUESDAY is Gentile’s Bakery and Deli!

Gentile’s Bakery joined us last year and is owned by Ruffing’s Bolzan family. They will still be offering some of the kid’s favorites: rigatoni, meatballs and marinara sauce, homemade French toast, and baked drumsticks to name a few. Gentile’s offers gluten free options with some of their meals. If the item is a gluten free option it will be noted.

WEDNESDAY is Subway or Pita Pit!

We are alternating offerings between Subway and Pita Pit. Subway will offer both the 6 inch and foot-long sub options with your choice of chips or no chips and apples. Pita Pit offers two size of pitas and salads. Please note that the pita or the salad must be filled with your choice of ingredients. Please include type of pita or salad (meat, garden, humus, etc.) but then you must include any toppings you would like added (type of lettuce of spinach, dressing, cheese or no cheese, dressing, etc.) along with your choice of chips or no chips.

THURSDAY is Italian Creations!

Italian Creations has been with Ruffing since the beginning of the hot lunch program. They will again offer some of their past favorites such as Mac-n-cheese, Pepperoni Calzone, and pancakes.

FRIDAY is Pizza Day with Gentile’s Bakery and Deli!!!

Each Friday, you may pre-order (using the Ruffing Hot Lunch system) cheese pizza by the slice. You may order as many slices as you would like for your child. The slice will be from a 16 inch pizza cut into 10 slices, just to give you some idea on size. Napkins and paper plates will be provided. Your child is welcome to bring in sides from home. Each slice of pizza is $1.50.
Suggestions and ideas for the hot lunch program are always welcome!

Dawn Wisniewski