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Rocky River

Entrepreneur Club

The Young Entrepreneurs Club is excited to launch its 4th year of the program, which is an adaptation of the National Lemonade Day program (more info can be found at

Once again, to more deeply align the national program with our Montessori culture, this year teams will be kid-driven, which means following:

  • Teams:  Your children will self select their teams.  Open to 2nd-8th graders.
  • Team Size:  Our only requirement is minimum of two students per team (in our experience teams of three-four tend to work best).  If a child wants to participate but is unable to find a team, we will help connect individuals together.
  • Parent Business Partners:  Each team must have at least one parent business partner/mentor who will be responsible for coordinating all logistics for that team (attend Friday sessions, team communication, grocery run, set up on selling day, etc.).  Parent involvement throughout the 3-week program is essential, please carefully consider potential scheduling conflicts prior to committing to lead a team.  Parents are welcome to buddy up, we just need to ensure one parent per team attends each of the Friday learning sessions and will attend Selling Day.
  • Selling Locations:  For past couple years we have secured several local shops and park departments who have warmly and excitedly open their doors to our young entrepreneurs; however, teams are welcome and encouraged to secure new locations that fit their target market and/or product line.

Michelle Reef and Nancy Stickney will continue to provide three preparatory sessions for the kids, including a “pitch day” featuring a local entrepreneur to whom the children pitch their business plans and gain valuable feedback.  The three sessions will be held 4/12, 5/3, 5/10 at the Rocky River Library, 3:30-4:45 pm.  Selling Day will be Saturday, 5/18.

If your young entrepreneur is interested in earning money, supporting local charities, learning new life skills, and having fun with their friends, please reply to Nancy Stickney (nancy.stickney@hotmail.comby Thursday, April 11 with names of team members and Parent Business Partner(s).  This will ensure we get enough materials for all (the program includes student and mentor workbooks, which by no means need to be followed by the letter but provide terrific framework for the program).

Nancy Stickney and Michelle Reef