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Rocky River

Donna and Danielle’s Primary Supply List

Donna and Danielle’s Primary

No water bottles are necessary this year.

Simplicity is extremely important for this age group. Please do not send in any additional supplies or toys, since these can easily become a distraction. Thank you – we truly appreciate your help!

For Community Use (i.e. no names on these items, please):

  • 4 small glue sticks
  • 12-pack or larger, Ticonderoga #2 pencils


Please put your child’s name / initials on the following items. This is especially helpful for small items, including socks, mittens, etc.

  • A backpack large enough to hold a 2-pocket folder
    • No rolling backpacks please.
    • A backpack with the least number of pockets is best.
    • Please: No toys or playthings attached to the backpack – such items are especially distracting.
  • A 2-pocket folder to carry papers between school and home.
    • Please put your child’s name on the front of the folder in the top left corner.
  • 1 photo of your child for his/her cubby (2nd and 3rd year children)
  •  2 photos of your child for 1st -year children.
  •  A soft pencil case
    • Please avoid a hard, plastic pencil case.
  •  Colored pencils (no erasable/scented, etc. pencils, please). The Crayola 24-pack works well.
  •  Scissors that fit your child’s hand — pointed scissors are fine
  •  A block eraser (pink or white)
  • 2 changes of clothing appropriate for the season
    • Please include: underwear, socks, pants / leggings and a top / tunic.
    • Please put names / initials on each of these items.
    • Please make sure these are clothes that your child will wear and can put on independently.
  • Indoor athletic shoes / sneakers (no “light-up” shoes please).
    • Later, when the weather prevents playing outside, we’ll use these for gym shoes.
    • Old shoes are fine, but soles must be cleaned.
    • These shoes stay at school and will only be worn inside. For example, your child can change into them when he or she wears rain or snow boots to school.
    • Velcro closures are OK for younger children. If possible, please try to have tie shoes for older children.